Olifanten en Zebraas
Vijlbrief Foto Holland Illusions
Hollandse Weilanden met Koeien
Foto Vijlbrief Zuivelfabriek

‘Even before we could work digitally and slide projectors were replaced by video beamers, I enjoyed creating large-scale, multi-screen slide shows (photographs above and below). With sound effects, voice-over and music. Projection has now been replaced by OLED displays. Sometimes several above, next to and below each other. In any case, creating screen presentations is and remains a great activity.

From the day I got a photo camera in my hands as a child and later also a film camera, I could fully use my creativity. I loved experimenting. Especially the combination of different media in one presentation, offers me, as a producer all possibilities to achieve the objectives of my clients and with the necessary impact! From a large-scale multi-image presentation to a penetrating PowerPoint.’

Diapresentaties Setup
Digitaal Amulet Fantasie
Vijlbrief Design Digitaal Surfen
Beeldschermen zien we overal John Vijlbrief


Vijlbrief Foto Meisje met Hoed
Vijlbriefs Klimt Foto
Vijlbrief Foto Warhol Annie


Foto Vijlbrief Carel Willink
Vijlbrief Foto Shirley MacLaine
Cover HeyboerBoek John Vijlbrief
Foto Vijlbrief Heyboer op Boot 2
Lottie Heyboer Foto Vijlbrief
Heyboer met vrouwen Foto John Vijlbrief

Just a selection from the archive. Ranging from the painter of Realism Carel Willink with his wife Sylvia. The American film star Shirley MacLain and graphic artist Anton Heyboer with his four wives in the photo strip above. Below are some photographic images of the American graphic artist Victor IV.

I wrote an iBook about Victor and his wife. Victor IV who once lived on rafts on the river  Amstel in Amsterdam. All images on this website: copyright of John Vijlbrief / Vijlbrief Media Den Haag.

Foto Vijlbrief Victor IV
Cover Victor IV iBook Vijlbrief
Victor IV foto Vijlbrief Media