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As a content creator I like to get in touch with editors(members) and companies / organizations who want to use my photos and videoclips for their print and / or online publications. My material is of course suitable for multiple purposes, such as posters, fine art prints, wall coverings, or … I am happy to provide a list of completed and “ongoing” projects.


This website shows some examples from realized photoseries. Your request or assignment is very welcome! You can send me to a certain location to take pictures or to make a videoclip (s), to interview someone or … I am used to working with deadlines. Of course I depend on a fast WiFi connection and the local COVID-19 situation.

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About my writing style
You can learn more about me and my activities through this website. I have been described as versatile and creative. According to editors, I have a smooth writing style. In the audiovisual industry I got the nickname “AV critic” because I mainly wrote publications and books about what I think could improve the profession.

Marketing communications
For some time now I have been engaged in “visualizing” and realized corporate films / videoclips and marketing communication presentations for leading companies and organizations in the Netherlands.

Orders and income
In a campervan, specially adapted for my purpose, I travel through Europe and take (online) assignments. I regularly use a (boutique) hotel, B&B, villa or Airbnb.

Dutch entrepreneurs
Sometimes I rent a place for a longer period in a nice environment to edit my photos and videos and prepare them for publication (s). Doing research, developing my interviews or writing texts. Such as about and for Dutch entrepreneurs who run “a company” abroad.

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More time for “the gems”
In recent years I mainly focus on “slow travel” and writing “Road Trip” books. It is my wish to stay longer at a location to look for “the gems” in peace and quiet. This can be the varied landscape, the history, special people and objects, animals and special regional products. Of course, “the kitchen and wine” of that region should not be missing. That requires research.

Are you an entrepreneur abroad?
I therefore like to invite Dutch entrepreneurs abroad to make use of my services. So that I can write about your company (such as a touristic one), take pictures, or a videoclip? There is a response form on this website. Please fill in and I will contact you within 24-hours. You can also reach me directly: mobile 0653 93 7001.

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Rates and conditions
I use competitive rates. I provide a quote in advance: an estimate of the time required to achieve the desired result. I prefer to work with a “fixed rate”. You will also receive my terms of delivery with the offer.

Preventing COVID-19 is crucial in all my work. I do not enter dangerous areas, keep a sufficient distance and follow the instructions of the (local) authorities closely.

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List of available projects for publication available on request;
All images on this site are copyrighted by John Vijlbrief