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John Vijlbrief started in 1979 as a marketing professional journalist at Ariadne / Revue der Reclame (the predecessor of Adformation) for which he wrote weekly for almost 10 years. Through this magazine he came into contact with the prooducers of audiovisuals, like slide-shows and film. John had been photographing and filming for years and saw in the production of business presentations a future he never regretted.

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From his work as a reporter for, among others, Ariadne / Revue der Reclame and the monthly Audio-Visual Magazine, John Vijlbrief was commissioned by publishers such as Sdu / Academic Services, Focus Elsevier and PearsonEducation to write various books about the possibilities of interactive, audiovisual communication.

His book ‘The internet television revolution’ caused a stir. In 2011, Vijlbrief described his vision and expectations for broadcasters, the advertising world and the internet in detail in this book. Years later, John appears to have correctly estimated many developments. His vision was then called ‘rebellious’ …

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In addition to Research & Development, John provided workshops and seminars on various facets and techniques of the phenomenon ‘dynamic screen presentations & communication’.

Based on his professional knowledge and extensive practical experience in the field, Vijlbrief is someone who provides targeted advice on the strategic use of (interactive) image and sound with impact.

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Except for Ariadne / Revue der Reclame, Vijlbrief published on audiovisual communication in all kind of publications. For example, he wrote the chapters on audiovisual communication for the ‘Handbook for Marketing & Public Relations Managers’. At that time he gave guest lectures and seminars on the subject of audiovisual communication.

The John Vijlbrief of 2020 is still active in this beautiful profession. He knows better than anyone that you should always keep updating your knowledge. John also believes that it is important to surround yourself as a senior producer with young producers with a fresh view of the field and to combine this with his rich practical experience.